DWP on the hunt for £140k Digital Delivery Director


The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is seeking a Digital Delivery Director to help it develop “large-scale platforms using innovative technologies”.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is calling on applicants to apply for the job role of Digital Delivery Director within the department, which carries a hefty salary of £140,000. The successful candidate will be responsible for helping DWP develop “large-scale platforms using innovative technologies”.

DWP states that it is moving away from using large suppliers and is developing more in-house. It’s most notable project at the moment is Universal Credit, the government’s welfare reform programme, which has been marred with problems since its inception – but has been pulled back from the brink by an internal digital team.

In the candidate information pack, DWP’s Chief Information and Data Officer, Mayank Prakash, says:

There’s never been a better time to join DWP Digital if you’re inspired by the opportunity to re-imagine our country’s future using data, design and technology. DWP offers uniquely challenging and fulfilling career opportunities for leaders interested in making a genuine difference to society on a massive scale. We’re larger than most organisations, with 85,000 colleagues in 800 locations.

We pay £170 billion in pensions and benefits every year, and look after over £1.7 trillion of pensions assets. But more than our scale, it’s our purpose that sets us apart. Our work enables people on benefits to find work and earn more, supports those who are unable to work because of health or disability, supports children whose parents have separated, and helps all of us plan for retirement.

DWP Digital is transforming DWP’s services by unlocking the potential of latest technologies and ways of working. With our partners, we’re focused on building and running innovative digital technology solutions that meet and respond to the changing needs and expectations of millions of people. We want to make it quicker, easier and less costly for DWP’s customers to get the support they need. We aspire to be the best at what we do. It’s this sense of purpose which attracted thousands of colleagues – including me – to DWP Digital.

The candidate pack states that DWP Digital is driven by “user needs” – a GDS mantra that has been embedded across government – and goes on to highlight products that include Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment and New State Pension. It adds that it is modernising one of “Europe’s biggest IT estates across 800 locations”.

DWP states that it shares 10 million data records every day across government and with other partners and is transforming public services on “which millions rely at pace, driving continuous progress through fortnightly releases, and designing next-generation systems which can accommodate policy changes across successive parliaments”.


The job description for the roles states that this is a “critical hands-on leadership role” and the successful candidate will:

  • lead development of large-scale platforms using innovative technologies and data, including authoritative customer data, payments, fraud, error and debt.
  • design, develop, deliver and support one of UK’s largest platforms to pay and receive money; and products and analytics to prevent and detect fraud and error, and recover money owed.
  • lead multi-disciplinary teams to design, plan, deliver and maintain products – including user experience, development, data models, real-time analytics, machine-learning, APIs, development and behaviour-driven testing.
  • lead creation of a library of re-usable code and loosely-coupled services for use by hundreds of products, leading matrixed architecture, security and infrastructure operations teams by inuence.
  • create exceptional levels of engagement across teams to create focus on delivering exceptional business outcomes.
  • play an active role within the DWP Digital Executive team, as a member of DWP’s senior team, and as a senior Digital leader across the Government.

In terms of requirements, those applying must have the following skills:

  • A transformation-focused business leader, with a track record of driving significant change agendas across organisations. Candidates must be highly driven, collaborative, analytical and problem-solving business leaders
  • Inspirational depth of design, technology, big data and delivery expertise.
  • A track record of leading the delivery of high-performing digital services using large-scale loosely-coupled, open source platforms.
  • Flair for engaging people, making the complex simple and compelling with humility.
  • Expertise in using customer insight, user research,emerging and up to date technologies to develop digital services in a complex matrix organisation.
  • Ability to lead and engage across a large organisation and beyond to inspire belief in our vision.

Candidates have until 2nd April 2018 to apply and it’s expected that DWP will carry out final panel interviews on 7th May 2018.

Image credit - Image sourced via DWP

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