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It’s been over a year since we launched a subcategory dedicated to digital insights for the public sector – but diginomica/government now has its own domain.

Digital government is at a critical juncture. The progress made in recent years, which led to the UK being hailed as a world leader, appears to have reached a standstill. It is no longer clear what the role of the Government Digital Service is, Brexit is proving to be a real distraction to the Transformation Strategy and is sucking up resources, and there is a distinct lack of leadership for the digital agenda across Whitehall.

We are concerned. And we believe that it is more important than ever to challenge, expose and hold those in power to account over the significant challenges that remain for transforming citizen services through the use of digital technologies.

Which is why we are announcing the launch of diginomica/government as its own independent entity today, as we believe that we can help drive this agenda forward over the coming years. A strong, authoritative outlet is needed to help keep the government’s digital ambitions on track.

When diginomica launched back in 2014, it was always the intention to create insightful content that helps guide technology buyers through the complex challenges of transforming their organisation using new digital technologies. Industry focus and expertise has always been key, knowing that challenges vary from sector to sector.

It soon became apparent that government in particular is an area that deserves special attention. The public sector is having to compete with the private sector like never before and public institutions are waking up to the reality that citizens expect more from their interactions with government.

There are huge opportunities for how services could be delivered using the Internet.

The days of outsourcing responsibility to a third parties for 10 years or more, with little flexibility and innovation being introduced during that time, no longer cuts it. Government is having to rethink its procurement practices, update regulations, engage with the market differently, and navigate the political minefield that comes with indefinite change.

Because of the engagement we were receiving with our government content, we decided to create diginomica/government – a dedicated subcategory that launched just over a year ago. As with diginomica main, diginomica/government would be free of advertising and pop-ups, but would work with public sector focused partners to create original, insightful content, focused on helping government tech buyers.

The launch also allowed us to focus in more detail on digital public sector analysis. The past year has seen our audience grow even more terms of numbers and engagement – and we like to think we provide a market-leading service for those working in Whitehall, education, health and the third sector.

As a result of the success, and because of the challenges that remain for government in this area, today we can announce that diginomica/government is launching with its own independent domain. It will no longer be a subcategory of the main diginomica website, but is now its own independent entity.

This will result in a number of benefits both for readers and partners. It gives us flexibility with the site that wasn’t possible previously, such as allowing us to create new categories of interest (expect a new Brexit section very shortly). It also means that we will be able to create a dedicated newsletter – which I will be writing on a biweekly basis – specifically focused on public sector digital news and analysis, with links to all of the best content on the site and elsewhere, targeted at readers’ areas of interest.

Furthermore, it will give diginomica/government independent prominence on the web, making it easier to find our content. It is now also a clearer proposition for partners, which will be able to point to diginomica/government as an entity in its own right, one that creates leading content for digital buyers in the public sector.

All of our existing posts have been migrated across to the new domain and readers will be directed to diginomia/government if clicking on government content on the diginomica main homepage.

We would love your feedback, so please feel free to email me at derek@diginomica.com or via the ‘Let’s Talk’ form on the homepage. Thanks for all of your support over the past year and we are incredibly excited about what’s to come.

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