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Learning to share – why with collective will, direction and agile delivery, shared services can revolutionise government

How do you allow civil servants to spend less time doing administration, so that they can spend more time delivering vital services to the public? UKCloud’s Cloud Strategist, Bill Mew, explains why it is hoped that shared service centres, date sharing and shared micro-services are part of the answer!

Will 2018 be the year governments get their citizen services in order?

Today’s digital generation expects efficient, online citizen services. Will 2018 be the year governments get them in order? asks Unit4’s Henk Jan Onstwedder

Before you go down the innovation lab route, answer these three questions…

Innovation labs were the future once – and they can still work, despite some high profile closures. But, says Salesforce’s Tony Colon, there are some important questions for organizations to ask.

2018 – As cloud comes of age, customer centricity becomes key

Cloud Strategist at UKCloud, Bill Mew, explains why trends towards multi-cloud, community cloud, fog computing and edge computing all indicate a new phase in which cloud matures to become more customer centric.

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