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How the public sector can modernise data centres with Crown Campus

Bill Mew, UKCloud’s Cloud Strategist, explains how public sector CIOs can host non-cloud and cloud workloads within a single secure environment and pragmatically migrate workloads from one to the other.

Why we need Brexit Exemplars for Service Transformation (BEST)

Bill Mew, Cloud Strategist at UKCloud, explains why Brexit is an opportunity for transformation that we must do our BEST to grasp

Three steps to overcome the government’s digital skills dilemma

UKCloud’s Cloud Strategist, Bill Mew, explains how few of the UK government’s efforts to address a shortage of digital skills will have any effect in time for Brexit.

Learning to share – why with collective will, direction and agile delivery, shared services can revolutionise government

How do you allow civil servants to spend less time doing administration, so that they can spend more time delivering vital services to the public? UKCloud’s Cloud Strategist, Bill Mew, explains why it is hoped that shared service centres, date sharing and shared micro-services are part of the answer!

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